Thursday, May 20, 2004

St. Mary's Access-Update

We stopped by Tim's newly outfitted shack (Kimball River Sports). He was there and
pleased to report that the Cardston Council have approved the proposed
public river access and he further indicated that the Council will go
ahead and undertake the road grading. While we were at the overlook of
the old access, we saw a County survey crew arrive. Tim indicated that
the Council expected that the project would be undertaken pretty quickly.

Tim had previously indicated to me that we can go ahead and use the new
access anytime and he's using it for his rafting crew. There's a short
hill near the bottom that's a bit steep for vehicles and there might be
a slight curve off the road allowance near the bottom of the hill. For
boaters it's a short walk from that point down to the river or 4 x 4's
might go right down. When the road's put in there will also be a
parking lot/picnic site right by the river.

To use the new access drive past Kimball and up the usual hill. At the
top of the hill, continue past the old turn to the right that we took
for the prior access and continue southward for 3.2 km (2 miles).
However, the road angles to the right to avoid a wetland area. Follow
the road as it then turns to the right (west) and continue for another
2.5 km, with another slight loop around another wetland. Then turn
right again (north) and the road allowance heads down to the river.

This new access route takes you to the upstream end of the meander that
used to provide the put-in. I'd guess that the shuttle drive will be
about the same time as the old shuttle but there'll be no big hill.

-Stew Rood

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