Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rat Wave

For those of us who'd rather watch than participate in the grade V Lundbreck Lemming Leap, there's a much tamer paddle that starts at the campground below the Falls. It's an hour paddle to the take-out at the dirt-road bridge below Highway 3. A nice grade II run with 'the ledge' that's II+ or maybe a III at some flows and lots of mini-ledges. Maybe the most reliable wave is 'Rat Wave', or if you blow off the back, 'Rat's Wave'.

We've surfed it at flows above 6 cms and here it is at 22 cms, when it's flatter and flushing out.

Stew & Di


Janson said...

Dave and I were going to hit this run on the way back from our long weekend in Montana, but we spent about an hour or more in a super big car line up at the Rooseville border, so we missed out! but it looks like it was a fun little paddle for ya the pics are nice.

chris g said...

Stew, does that mean you're no lemming? BTW, I can't seem to find that PDF of the lower St. Mary's you sent some time ago for me to post. Do you still have it to resend?


Marko Polo said...

We too were stuck for a couple of hours! Nice posting Stu!