Saturday, October 15, 2005

Birch Hole

Birch Hole, lower st. mary 32cms
Originally uploaded by cgoble72.
Birch hole is a specatacular play spot on the Lower St. mary. Here it is at 32cms. It has a large foam pile split in two directions. Loads of fun, good surfing, spinning, and lots of other things I can't do.

The run on Friday was spectacular. The water was incredibly warm. There were tonnes of easy surf waves all over. The waves before Rain wave were quite good. There was also a number of other good ones every where in the top section. The dump was really small, but run no run was beautiful at these flows.

Run no run 32cms


Linda said...

That looks gorgeous! Are you running it next weekend or the one after (as per the calpaddle posting)? We would love to join you. --Linda

stew & di said...

Glad you were able to take advantage of the fall release - we're envious.

The shrub by the hole is actually a birch, it's a river birch and thus we might call it birch hole.

On the infamous Saturday when there were lots of paddlerz from Canmore and Calgary, it got lots of action - lots of interesting moves and lots of boaters getting munched - it just got bigger in the higher water.

For us wimps a quick in and out was enough but at the higher flows an excellent wave forms below the hole. Fast enough for the planing hull boats to be bouncing and with a scoop shape so once you're on it's very easy to stay - quite nice.

Nathan said...


Thanks for the moonlight run idea. Saturday night was just too beautiful to pass up. My brother, Max, and I left just before 11:00 p.m., with glow sticks in hand, for the Upper St. The moon was bright, the temp was still above 10 degrees, and the flow was around 17. You couldn't ask for a better way to end a paddling season... Lower St Friday at flows of 30 with a patient guide and teacher and then Upper the next night for a techno-less neon light blast.

Thanks again for all the help on Friday. I learned in one paddle from your experience the equivelent of what I learned on my own the rest of the season.

Hope everybody gets a chance to take advantage of Fall paddling. With warm temps and decent flows, there shouldn't be too many excuses to keep anyone from at least getting out once... the cherry on top of a creamy season.

Linda said...

Derek, Johan & I are talking about going to Lethbridge for Oct 29-30th. Anyone free for a run down a class 2-3? --Linda

chris g said...

Things may not be running then, so you may want to check your plans. Of course I certainly could be wrong.

Linda said...

Chris, what about the run the Old Man near the Crowsnest Pass too? And/or the upper st Mary? Thanks! -Linda (we're really eager to paddle until Dec if possible.) :)

Con said...

Linda, we are out for this weekend, but the one ofter that is avail if weather / water holds. Oldman dam will likely still be flowing although it is a class 1- 2 with 4ft waves for 50'ft at best, 1-2-ledges only & a 1.25 hour ride before you drive up & do it again. not terribly exciting compared to the Kan or Red Deer though.

Chris, I'd like someone with me on the first time through lower St that has been there before.

Linda said...

Sounds good Con. We're open for the upper or lower the Sat and then a Crowsnest pass area river on Sun if the lower isn't available.

Con said...

I think you misinterpret my post, I am unavail this weekend, but avail the following one if weather & water holds.

I too am a crazy one that thinks winter river running is a fine activity as well... LOL


Linda said...

Hi Con,
That sounds right. We're gonna meet Nathan on Sat the 29th in the afternoon (and you're welcome to join us) and then on Sun the 30th in the morning (you're welcome to come too) if Nathan can't go with us Derek & I will venture down the river ourselves. What's your e-mail address Con? Thanks!

Con said...

My plans are now changed, appears I may be able to go this saturday, (but not next week saturday) let me know if this may work out for you as well...