Tuesday, April 29, 2008



Everyone!!! another year has gone by and that means that we have an AGM meeting happening this week. On Wednesday the 30th of April, at 6:30 we are going to meet at the Recreational facility of the University of Lethbridge in room PE264. I have an attatched map to help anyone find their way to the class room.

Our plan is to brief everyone on some events of the past year, coordinate possible new activities, and organize new members of the Exexcutive Comittee, but we need your help an involvement to make this meeting run smoothly and be full of new ideas. Everyone is welcome to invite as many friends as they want that might have any interest in the sport, so tell your friends, family, and neighbors.

A great plus of the meeting is that High Level and Awesome Adventures have donated some products for our "DRAW PRIZES" for anyone who comes to the meeting. Last year these local paddling businesses gave away gift certificates and a variety of accessories for your paddling experiences. SO come join us in deciding on the next years activities and fun events and you just might walk away with some fun stuff.

After meeting for the AGM we are planning to have a last pool kayaking session before pulling the boats from the university. The time for the final kayaking hour is from 8-9.So come enjoy the last paddle in the pool before we move the boats for the rivers.

Hope to see Everyone there!!
and remember to let eveyone that you know that shows interest in the sport about this meeting!!!

(here's the map)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April 16-23

Looks like the flows are up. Judging from the AWA flow site, the following rivers are now flowing
-Middle Fork

The Kan will be closed until May 3.