Sunday, April 30, 2006

New Play Wave on the Belly

With the hard work of Chris Goble and a few hardy volunteers (on Saturday), we now have an even better play wave on the BellyRiver!

Notice the huge eddy wall that has been built up on the bottom right of the picture. This eddy not only diverts water towards the play waves, but makes it easier to catch the upsteam current to get back on the wave.

Here we have some friendly paddlers willing to try out the great surf wave! Flows were around 13 cms. With the location of the wave, it makes an almost perfect park and play location! With a short hike upstream (less than 5min.) you could ferry back across the river and get back to your car! The put-in is at the bridge that crosses the belly river on the way to Waterton. Below is a map if your unsure of where that is.

See you on the river!

1 comment:

Nathan said...

Some great pics of some downright awesome surfers :-). Mark, what do you do for camera water protection? I thought I saw you using a yellow case of some sort.

We are probably headed down to Belly Tuesday for some more surfing. I am also up for Castle on Saturday if you are still up for it. It sounds like a good time.