Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blodgett Creek

Blodgett Creek is another of the small Hamilton / Missoula / Darby area creeks. Like the others it is steep, bouldery, and requires lots of scouting because of hidden wood hazards. Blodgett has no where near the wood of Lost Horse. However, first runs down the creek require lots of scouting.

The run starts off pretty gentle.

Things will quickly pick up. A very long boat scout is in order. This picture epitomizes my view of the river.

the view from the first major scouting section

There is one rapid that is significantly larger than the others. If I remember correctly, some wood near the bottom got me portaging. This was below a cement lined diversion cannal on river right. It occurs around the bend from the first steep section. A wood line irrigation canal is found uphill on river left.

looking upstream about 2/3 the way into the first major rapid. I think the irrigation canal is just below this picture on river right - but I could be off by one rapid

There was one more stand out rapid, but I only made it 2/3 of the way down until a pin in the tight bouldery confines got me.

After that it is a long paddle to the take out. About 2/3 the way down there is a large mansion house on river right. They have a nice patio right down at river level. Watch out for logs here, and in the canyon like section below.

It is a long paddle out to your take out bridge. Lots of smaller bridges had me fooled. I kept getting out, getting changed only to find out I wasn't at the take out. Walking back to get to the car at the parking lot took quite some time. Taking a dead end shortcut didn't help matters. I started at 10am and ended at midnight. I think the flows were medium to medium high although Kootenai creek was extremely high the next day, so who knows?

This run was much less stressful than Lost Horse, but proably still a bit bouldery and pinny for many people's tastes.

Rock Climbing is probably a better option in this valley

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Janson said...

You ain't kidding Chris. It looks like there would be a lot of wood on the creek, BUT I did notice the flat mountain faces in the background. It looked sweet!