Monday, June 26, 2006

Boundary Trip Report


June 25th
medium (ideal) flows
Cameron at medium low, Pass creek at Medium

Joelle, David Faubert, Spencer Cox, & Chris Goble

Paddle about 5 km down to the boundary marker on the west side of the lake. Hike up a game trail up the boundary cut to have to look at water levels and to scout most of the canyon.

Follow the trail south, crossing the creek on a good bridge.

The Boundary creek trails heads up a short way past this. Hike for 3km until you get to the foot bridge. Put in just above this for a bouncy warm up drop.

The start has a canyony feel to it, but doesn't have any big drops. A log 1/2 down this section may present problems at high flows. Several worn branches extend down to river level, but you should be able to thread through these with some care.

Expect class III paddling in this section.

The river begins to open up. An open hillside on the left signals the first real drop.

Scouting is easy due to the boundary cut on this side. Customs is a 10 or so foot drop with a sharp turn off the top. There is a large pool after this, and some wood down stream.

The next drop has some funky pillows and deep water eddies. A log in the drop in addition to the undercuts could be serious. We ported on the right by following the boundary cut back down to the river.

The river now enters the canyon. The left side is steep slab. The right side often has breaks and ramps that separte the pots. However scouting and safety oftens involves hiking up and down the brushy hillside to make it to the next buttress. The next major drop is a 20 foot corkscrew melt. About 20 feet below the drop current feeds into a 3 foot undercut. Although it appears to readily push through good safety may be wise.

A small 4 foot pour over is next. Just below this is a potentially dangerous drop.

A slanting ramp feed into a series of undercut sides. At ideal flows there is a fun sneak line on the right that bounces off a ledge staying away from the caves.

Some scrambling may be required to set up safety and get a good scout. A 50m canyon section follows with a class IV entrance.

A good slide comes up next with a vertical drop of 10 feet or so. It is followed by a 6-8 foot drop with tight recirculation and a big cavy eddy below on the right, At high flows this could be unfriendly.

Eddy out after a short pillow drop, as the largest drp on the run is only a few pools away.

This drop is visible upstream of the foot bridge. A horrendous bushwack is required to get down to scout and set up safety. The drop is a 30 foot cruncher into a slot. It is a fun ride with a fair bit of time to brace for the impact at the bottom.

A large rooster tail belies a decent class IV drop. A log is present far off to the right in the pot below, but this should present many problems except at high flows. From here the foot bridge is visible with a foamy undercut on riber left.

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Stew & Di said...

Great shots and description - congrat's on the descent!