Saturday, March 22, 2008

Season Kick Off Party

Just wondering what people think about having a season kick off party? I just ordered a new kayaking DVD, source, and thought this on a projector plus a BBQ and flatwater paddle may may a nice evening out. I was thinking about some time in the latter part of April. Just wondering what people think? Which is a better location, Lethbridge, Waterton or Cardston?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Kayak Swap

The used kayak sale is on at Aquabatics in Calgary April 19,20

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blodgett Creek

Blodgett Creek is another of the small Hamilton / Missoula / Darby area creeks. Like the others it is steep, bouldery, and requires lots of scouting because of hidden wood hazards. Blodgett has no where near the wood of Lost Horse. However, first runs down the creek require lots of scouting.

The run starts off pretty gentle.

Things will quickly pick up. A very long boat scout is in order. This picture epitomizes my view of the river.

the view from the first major scouting section

There is one rapid that is significantly larger than the others. If I remember correctly, some wood near the bottom got me portaging. This was below a cement lined diversion cannal on river right. It occurs around the bend from the first steep section. A wood line irrigation canal is found uphill on river left.

looking upstream about 2/3 the way into the first major rapid. I think the irrigation canal is just below this picture on river right - but I could be off by one rapid

There was one more stand out rapid, but I only made it 2/3 of the way down until a pin in the tight bouldery confines got me.

After that it is a long paddle to the take out. About 2/3 the way down there is a large mansion house on river right. They have a nice patio right down at river level. Watch out for logs here, and in the canyon like section below.

It is a long paddle out to your take out bridge. Lots of smaller bridges had me fooled. I kept getting out, getting changed only to find out I wasn't at the take out. Walking back to get to the car at the parking lot took quite some time. Taking a dead end shortcut didn't help matters. I started at 10am and ended at midnight. I think the flows were medium to medium high although Kootenai creek was extremely high the next day, so who knows?

This run was much less stressful than Lost Horse, but proably still a bit bouldery and pinny for many people's tastes.

Rock Climbing is probably a better option in this valley

Lost Horse Creek Montana

Lost Horse Creek is situated in an absolutely spectacular front range valley. Unfortunately the creek, while pretty doesn’t have the same caliber of kayaking. This run is mainly a shallow boulder bash with innumerable logs, and overhanging willows.

a typical section at medium? flows

This makes it a painful experience at even medium flows and a really dangerous one at high flows. The steep combined with never ending boulder obstacles makes boat scouting a vegas like risk. Expect to scout most everything.

the painful parts

That being said, there are some really great rapids on this run. I don’t think, they make up for the inbetween sections though.

The road to this run was closed when I got there. I believe the upper road is closed during peak run off. The hike up is a couple of kilometers. I went past the first prominent roadside drop.

This was a mistake. There is little fun whitewater further up. I stopped at a pretty meadow and had some painful ports around beaverdams and logs.

There are two significant drops in this run. They are fairly close together. The first drops into a transverse slot.

horizon line view of 1st main drop

deceptively nice looking view of 1st main drop

This looked a bit dodgy. The second is a long slide combo. This was stellar. I would characterize it as a smaller, maybe steeper version of brave bear on nearby bear creek. A quick hike and huck to only this drop is probably the best way to do this creek.

maybe 30 -40 ft total elevation drop

There are a few very nice rapids lower on the run that are visible adjacent to the road. Because of the boulder bashing and scouting requirements, most people probably won’t be linking these sections together. If the water if chugging and you’ve fully pre-scouted for wood, the lower sections of this run would be absolutely fantastic read and run creeking.

a deceptively steep looking view of the roadside rapids. This one is immediately below a nice camping / pullout spot next to the river


Lost Horse Bouldering & Climbing

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Home & Garden show

Come one...Come all!!! the annual Home & Garden show is on again, showing off a lot of local businesses and other business' from other parts of Alberta. It started on Wednesday the 12th at 12:00 noon and will run on a daily schedule of 12-9 everyday intil Saturday night the 15th at 5p.m. The Home & Garden show is located at the Whoop-Up Pavilion. There is booth after booth of fun and exciting items that could grab your fansy or just crinckle your eyebrows in confusion. All in all its quite interesting and a fun place to spend some time. High Level and Awesome Adventures, two of our local business that support us here at ORCKA, have put up some fun booths showing off their boats and accessories to help people have a great and comfortable time on the lake or river! So come and support your local businesses and see what new items and fun is available for you!