Monday, May 28, 2007

Trips May 27 - June 2 (beginner/intermediate)

Class I to II+ paddlers who appreciate life enough to not paddle with the monkeys in the advanced group, this is your post. Waterton and Upper St. are still very paddle-able, so get some groups out there. Leave comments on trips you are planning or would like to go on, and remember, paddle smiley side up... at least as often as possible :-)

Trips May 27 - June 2 (advanced)

Advanced? You know who you are... okay maybe you don't, and maybe you are just pretending like me. Please let us know or just check out others trips on class III to IV in the comments. A group of us are leaving early Tuesday morning for Castle Canyon, Carbondale, and Crowsnest with Lunbreck thrown in for good measure (the flows on Crowsnest are getting up a bit, so we'll see how brave/stupid we are when we show up). If you are interested in this trip, leave a shout out in the comments.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Trips May 20-26 (Beginner-novice)

post any trips that are a fun class 1 to class 2, 2+ (maybe even some smaller class 3) here. Remember to have fun and keep up the fun paddling.

Trips May 20-26 (Intermediate-Advanced)

Post any trips that are within the class 3 to class 5 range here. But remember to have fun while doing it.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Don't Forget the May-long Rendezvous

Lot of paddling will be going on in Pincher this weekend at the 3 Rivers Rendezvous. CLICK HERE for detailed info as well as prices for the event.

Trips May 14 to May 21 (Begginer/Intermediate)

Post your begginer and intermediate trips here. The Pincher creek festival is on and is a great opportunity to get out on some easy water with large groups. Free boat demos are also available.

Trips May 14 to May 21 (Advanced)

Post your advanced trips here for the long weekend. Kootenays are large. Some of us are camping out at Lussier for some runs around there. The Pincher Creek Festival is also on.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Trips: May 12th-13th (Advanced)

Post your trips here. Please keep trips to Class III to IV. Of course feel free to go higher ;)

Trips: May 12th-13th (Beginner)

Post your trips here. Please keep trips to Class I to II, with rapids up to II+

Trip Reports

Nathan, Janson, Chris, Mike M and Myself did a run on the Castle (Canyon Section) and Carbondale. Both were good runs without incidents. The last nasty drop on Carbondale seems different this year (shifted rock?) but I walked it as I didn't want to ruin my good day. Chris had a beautiful line that made it look easy.

Sounds like our Vice-Prez got out on the Saint Mary's! How was it?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Monkeys Make Good Paddlers

This is some footage of the trip report posted by Mark below. Good times... good times.

Paddlers are Mark Iwaasa, Mike Mercier, Janson Smith, Nathan Smith, and Dave Stephan. Castle was flowing around 25 cms. It looks as though we will be in for more of a ride at Castle tomorrow. Yeeha!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

NCCP Level 1 Training

The below information was sent to me in regards to a Level 1 Training. We have two members interested in taking the course. There is a need for at least two more paddlers to make having the course viable. If anyone is interested, please touch base with Roxane.

Hey Nathan

The weekend of June 23/24th would work for me. Chuck and I are trying to juggle some candidates so we can make that weekend happen.

Meanwhile, if you know any other folks that would be interested (we need 4 people to run a course), that would be great. We would run the course out of Pincher Creek.


Roxane Esch
31 Ridgemont ave
Fernie, B.C.
V0B 1M2

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Trips: May 4th - May 6th (Advanced)

Post your trips here!

Trips: May 4th - May 6th (Beginner)

Post your trips here!

Trip Reports

Well hope everyone got out that wanted to last weekend. Jeff and Scott, didn't hear from you so hope you didn't get shafted by us. Nathan, Janson, Dave and Myself hooked up with my friend Mike from Calgary.
We ran the Castle from the bridge down to the campground and then we ran the Castle falls section as well. The section from the bridge to the campground was a nice section as long as you take out before the last rapid before the falls. It's an easy one to spot as it's the only spot on the river where you notice the "waterline" and an obvious drop. Probably good for a beginner (with paddling experience on moving water), who is looking for something that is flowing.
The falls were great as always, actually saw someone bottom out on the falls for the first time. Pretty amazing actually...

Anyone else have a trip to report?