Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Trips August 15th to August 31st

Some possible trips North including Kicking Horse or South into Montana might be coming up... hoping for Kicking Horse this Saturday. It's consistant class III and IV, so a confident roll is prerequisite.

If anyone else doesn't mind others joing a trip with them, please leave a comment of your paddling plans for the next two weeks under this post.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Trips August 4th to August 10th

I know there are some paddlers still getting out. Don't be shy. Let us know about your adventures.

Kayak Demo

High Level Canoe and Kayaks is having a Demo Day in Waterton.

This Saturday, they will have some sea kayaks for demo in Emerald Bay. I believe that the demo time is from 10AM to 3PM. For those interested in the bigger boats for lakes or ocean, this might be a great chance to see what's available!

See you on the river!

Photo Contest

As users of the Oldman Watershed, I wanted to encourage the paddling community to send entries in for the Oldman Watershed Council photo contest.


The prizes are not that great, but perhaps we can increase awareness regarding recreational and paddling use of the watershed. As Stew said earlier this year, expansion of irrigation infrastructure does indeed threaten some of the best paddling spots in Southern Alberta.

Good luck and happy paddling.
Mark Kadijk