Friday, July 22, 2005

Trips July 21 to July 31

Planning on getting out? Post here if you are looking for partners, or have ideas for a trip. A few of us have been running the upper St. Mary's yet. A couple nights ago, we ran it at about 17.5 cms and had quite a lot of fun yet. The water there is a very comfortable temperature. Some of the play features are quite low, but Double trouble was still entertaining!

Happy paddling!

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MarkK said...

Perhaps if the flows on the Upper St. Mary's remain around 16 cms, we can head out for a gentle run maybe Wednesday or Thursday (Aug.3, or Aug. 4). Probably would have to be an evening run, meeting at Kimball River Sports around 5:30, or maybe if there are a few people from Lethbridge, we can rendezvous at Costco around 4:30. Anyone interested?