Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Haloween Week

Water levels are rather scary in their unusual height, well at least for this time of year. The Upper St. is still flowing at 20cms, a low but certainly floatable fow. Double Trouble is fun at these levels, even if cartwheels aren't possible. The Lower St. is also continuing at 30cms. Great fun as always.

It looks like Nathan and I will be heading out this Friday for a run down the lower. We will meet at the put in at 2:00 to 2:15, and expect to make it out in the dark.

We are also heading out today after school for a short run down the upper (Tuesday Oct 25th). You can meet at the Alternate School in front of DQ at 3:30.


MarkK said...

Sounds nice. I am dying not being able to go kayaking. My back has been giving me major problems. I am going for a treatment on Thursday, and hope that I might be able to make the run on Friday, but am doubting it. I think the treatment leaves me in worse pain for several days.

Isn't it nice to have the lower running at this time of year!!


Linda said...

Why don't you come with us Mark? We're going on Saturday and I really want to go on Sunday at 8:45 am but can't find anyone yet.

Nathan said...

Sorry that I didn't make it today, Chris. It's a good thing that I let you know I wouldn't make it because our meeting went until 5:30 p.m.

I am excited for Friday. It'll be a good chance to get to know the river better for our trip on Saturday. I'll let Max know as well as my brothers. I doubt that they will go. For some reason they seem to think that work is more important than play.

It's is a good thing that some of us have our priorities straightened out.:-)

Con said...

upper st last saturday was a real blast! must be nice to have friday afts off to go kayaking! maybe I need to become a teacher too LOL

I doubt I can do anything this weekend, but the weekend after might still be do-able??


MarkK said...

Has anyone seen or heard a recent flow for the lower St.? The last reading I get is from Oct. 21. at 9:30.

Linda said...

I noticed that too. But that number has been changing throughout the day. Are you free to paddle on Sun?

MarkK said...

The lower St. flow seems to be working again and is around 30cms.
Re: Sunday.... I'm not sure if my back can handle it. I have Physio today...
Thanks for the invite. Maybe you could post when your plan is to go.

MarkK said...

Diagnosis is not great. I have a bulged disc. Sitting in a kayak will aggravate the situation, so my season is done.
Enjoy the water for me!

chris g said...

Sounds like Nathan is out for Friday, but in for Sat. I am therefore out for Friday, and hiking Sat.

Linda said...

The Upper St was very pretty but low. I'll be back in town for Nov 11-12th if anyone is free to go paddling either of those days, that will be super! And hopefully the lower is still flowing. Cheers! --Linda lenglehart@shaw.ca