Sunday, July 16, 2006

Trips July 14th to 20th

Share your trip plans here.


Scotty said...

Dave Roscoe were planning on hitting up the belly on saturday if anyone would like to join us.

Stew & Di said...

We're heading to B.C. where rivers are still flowing. With local rivers dropping, 'Boulder Run' below the Oldman Dam is another option for ORCKAn's to consider - it'll flow reliably through the irrigation season. Good eddies and there was a nice wave below the bridge and beside the Cottonwood campground. There might also be a good wave/hole right below the hydroelectric plant outflow at the top of the paddling run. With outflow from the bottom of the reservoir, water's cold, like the Kan. We do hope to rebuild a surf/play wave/hole feature at Boulder Run this fall.

wilco said...

No boating lately as been focusing on riding since both Lisa and I are in the 24 hours of adrenaline again. We've thoroughly been enjoying the last few weeks of holidays in the pass.

Stew is right BC would still be great. In fact 50cms on the Elk is a very nice level. It is also a great level for a first decent of the Wigwam. Here is the comment from my paddling log about that level. "Perfect, nice friendly level. Great level for first descent of Wigwam. 1.81 on the gauge at landslide. Wigwam was intense, but fun. One river wide drop in canyon got Doug, but he rolled up"

Nathan said...

Janson and I ran Belly last night. Flows have dropped and left the run quite boney. The surf wave at put in has almost completely disappeared. But there are lots of larger rocks to spin on, and the three features just down from the surf wave are still fun to either run through or play in. First ledge is deep enough to play in as long as you stay on the river right side... river left is too grabby. The next ledge is fairly rocky, but a wave hole has been created just below it that is playable. The pourover can still be quite grabby even at these low flows, so paddle through it strongly.

Thanks for the info on Boulder, Stew. We were in Cottonwood over the long weekend and scouted the river by the campground. I couldn't see the surf wave there, but I did see the wave hole at the top of the run. We didn't end up running it then, but we might have to go back and give it a try. I did a little looking into the Elk in Stuart Smith's guide. It looks like Lodgepole Creek to Wigwam to Elk would make for a fun day long trip of class III-IV paddling. Stew, I'm guessing that you know the runs well as I saw your masterful photography in the guide book :-) Are you planning on making any of these runs before season's end?

Scottyg said...

well, with the flows looking like they are, we are now thinking we're going to make a few runs of the boulder run.
i've noticed most of the bc runs are for advanced kayakers... anyone know about some strectches for us amateurs?

Linda said...

I'm heading out to Golden on Sunday, July 23 for a run down the Kicking Horse (rafter's put in down and portaging the bridge drop). Leaving Calgary at 6:30 am.