Sunday, September 17, 2006

Please Take It!!

As we were doing inventory this weekend, we have decided to get rid of some stuff. It will end up in a dumpster if no one wants to claim it for themselves (current members only).

We have an old wood paddle (90 degree offset), a left-handed paddle (1 blade is damaged, tip is broken off), a right-handed paddle (1 blade is damaged, tip is broken off, but has been re-shaped)

As well, we have 3 old nylon skirts and 1 old neoprene skirt (C1 shape? For a smaller cockpit) that are up for grabs.

Please!! If you want any of these contact myself or Clay. If we get no responses in a week or so, then they never existed!

See you in the pool! (when we have times posted!)

1 comment:

Cboat82 said...

I converted several of our old 90 degree and broken kayak paddles into nice C-1 blades. If you don't want them or the skirts I will take all of that stuff off you for our club.

Chuck Lee