Thursday, October 25, 2007

Times to Remember: Belly River

Being able to get permission from the landowners by Belly River we were able to go a few kilometers south of the highway bridge and paddle for a while longer. The flows were at a good level for fun paddling. It had a good amount of rocking waves (for a class II river) that made the extended trip a little more exciting. I had my first experience with Jolene and Claudia in their White water canoe. I was impressed with what they could do it that big ol' boat. They were catching eddies that weren't much bigger than the canoe. They make a good team! At the end of our journey we scouted the class 5 shuttle and figured that all of us could make the run. A few of us got pretty cold, but Stew Rood was a trooper, holding on to boats and sacrificing the feeling in his hand for the safety of us all!


Stew & Di said...

Most excellent - an entertaining summer - great stories, photos and videos.

With a La Nina cycle in place, it's likely that we'll have abundant winter snow and lots of water for next year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Stew... and We all are hoping for the best flows next season!!!