Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Beginner Kayaking Courses Available at the University


There is Kayaking courses available at the University through the winter months. It is a 6 week course with one lesson a week and the lessons are about an hour and a half. Each week you have a 30 minute in class discussion about river basics and need-to-knows. then the class moves to the pool to learn kayak balancing, bracing, hip snaps, and the eskimo roll. It is a great course to go through if you are interested in hitting the rivers in the new season. BUT please inform any of your friends about this course. Price and details can be found through the University by calling for info or calling to register for the class @ 329-2706. Below is a flyer about the dates and times offered.

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Nathan said...

I hear that they have a wicked, awesome, undeniably certified instructor for those courses. The ladies should know that he is kind of cute as well... takes after his oldest brother :-)