Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Gear For Sale

In preparation for next season, (or perhaps for this season yet!) I thought maybe we could post gear for sale or gear wanted here.


Derek said...

FOR SALE - ** Dagger GT 7.8 **

The boat is in awesome shape, blue, in Canmore and $850.

Please call 403.678.7993 or email derek@derekkleinfeldt.com to arrange pick up.

MarkK said...

I am selling a Riot Booster 60 which has had 3 'light to very light' seasons of paddling. Orange. Comes with a Snapdragon Skirt (large tube) and vinyl flotation bags. $850 for the package.

Located in Lethbridge.

Nathan said...

My brother has a Riot Grind for sale. It is in great shape (used a half dozen times over the last four years), it's granite red, and it's a great surfing boat for larger paddlers. He has posted the boat at $600 previously, but I'm sure someone could talk him down to $500. Call him at (403) 634-7946 (Lethbridge)

A couple of us Cardston boys still have a paddle or three in us this season if anyone is interested. If Lower is still flowing for Remembrance weekend, we are there.

Con said...

I / we may be in for rembrance weekend as well. linda said she's back in town as well.


Linda said...

My friend Sara (Lethbridge) and I are very excited to go down the lower (or upper if lower isn't flowing.) Do you want to go on Friday on the holiday or Saturday? Or both one run on Fri and one on Sat. This may be our last runs cause the Kan was very very cold today.
E-mail lenglehart@shaw.ca

Stew & Di said...

Akamina Pass got more than a foot of snow in the last couple of days - for those of us wimps with the +15C rule for boating, time to put the paddles away and take out the skiis. See you all on the water next spring.

Con said...

linda, IMO, I would be shocked that either Saint would be paddlable this weekend. the only water I know of might be Oldman dam - slighlty boring, or maybe oldman river upstream from lundbreck, more visually exciting still class 1 - 2.

I may be able to go 1 day only, likely sat.Temps would be determining factor for my other family members as they don't think much of real cold 'yaking.


Linda said...

If the lower St isn't running then Sara and I would definately be open to paddling the Oldman near Lundbreck. Southern AB paddling is much warmer than the Kan hence, I keep going to Lethbridge. :) Cheers! --Linda lenglehart@shaw.ca

Stew & Di said...

O blog-master Chris, you might elevate this one to its own heading ...

What's the worst thing that could happen to paddling in southern Alberta ... ??

(more to come)

Derek said...

Ok, this Dagger GT is getting in my way so I'm giving it away for $725

It's in excellent shape, blue, 7.8, and in Canmore.



brett said...

Hello. I'm new to the site and I am looking at purhcasing a used white water kayak that is in good condition (around Southern Alberta). If you are selling one please contact me at 403-331-3183 or e-mail me at brett128@hotmail.com. Thanks