Saturday, November 18, 2006


Sean Allen and Spencer Cox's new video is coming out in a few weeks. The trailer has some goodies from South Drywood in it Many of the other shots are from Alberta/BC border runs, I think. The notch on the Elbow in flood is in the trailer somewhere as well.

I am not sure if footage from Boundary creek made it in.

Here is the trailer from


Stew & Di said...

Hey paddlerz,

Merry Christmas and very best to all for 2007.

Also, we noted that the UL Bookstore has copies of Buhrmann and Young's 'Chinook Country Rivers' if anyone's been looking for this ($8.50). A very useful regional guide with maps that match the 1:50K topo's. Ratings are high but consistently so.

chris g said...

I bought the video at undercurrents and it has a number of the local runs like cameron, drywood boundary and lunbreck in it.

I am not sure where the paddling is in the kootenays, but there are a couple of amazing slides there.