Sunday, March 25, 2007

AGM Date Update

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is set for April 5th. Show up for a night of paddling and some free stuff! Yup in an attempt to get more than 14 people out (one of which was under 5) we are again offering some free stuff as prizes. Stay tuned for more info on the AGM!

Update: Meeting will be in Turcott Hall 133 at 7:30. After the AGM people will be paddling for the last pool session before we move the boat out for the spring run-off.

*you can find a map of the University here.


scotty G said...

So what is an AGM?

Marko Polo said...

"annual general meeting" or basically "Hey is anyone interested in this club and if so what do you guys wanna do this year?"

Anonymous said...

We'll be there
(testing blog)

dagger said...