Thursday, March 29, 2007


Looks like the middle fork of the flathead is still going strong at 5000cfs . This is a good medium level. The Bull is at 40cms which is a very good low level. It was up to 120cms! While the castle has dropped too low to paddle (22cms) it was up to 37cms, it looks like a warm weekend could mean paddling - well at least for those of us who don't have homework!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris...homework comes second to paddling!

Nathan said...

Then how much paddling are you doing this weekend, Jans?... I thought so.

Anonymous said...

Kayaking comes before homework...but WORK is an unvoluntary appologies.

chris goble said...

Looks likt the two medicine is flowing too. 1100cfs isn't a bad level. It think Nathan and Janson and I did it at 1300.

Also the montana dams seem to be releasing pretty good.

Before I can hit the water I have to pick up another boat. Mine sort of got done in last year.