Thursday, April 05, 2007

2007 AGM

Well the AGM has come and gone. We must have given out $200 worth of door prizes! Thanks again to High Level Canoes and Kayaks & Awesome Adventures! We had a lot of new faces this year and some new changes. Janson Smith is the new President this year and Scott Greer is the Vice President. The Hironaka's are still doing Rentals and Secretary/Treasurer. Nathan Smith is Outreach and Development and I am free and clear! Just kidding, fact is I'm a lifer.

Following up on the AGM, people were interested in better river descriptions on our site. To clarify things, please post what your interested in seeing in the descriptions and what rivers you would like to see.

Thanks! See you on the River!


JC said...

Thanks for the interesting AGM.

May be reference books, guides and detailled river(rapid class) maps of the region ( Alberta, BC, Montana) on the web site and where to find them, if the club doesn`t have copies to share.


chris goble said...

Yeah, I keep saying I am going to work on a mini guide to give out to club members using the old orcka site from Wilco, but never seem to get around to it. Maybe this April...

Anonymous said...

hey, descriptions of features of different features would be great, but what i was mostly looking for was info like where the ugly holes are and other stuff to avoid. Knowing that kind of stuff i think i could organize alot more trips for myself and friends on rivers i haven't paddled before.

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for detailed river rapids look into Canoeing Chinook Country Rivers by Hans Buhrmann and David Young. It is old and rivers have changed somewhat but it is a great starting point. I believe the library, UofL library have it and you may still be able to get it from MEC, or awesome adventure.