Sunday, April 29, 2007

Home Spun Industries

Live from the banks of Forester's Creek in the Kootenay's, Homespun Industries is proud to present the glad skirt. Desinged for trashy outdoor situations this custom skirt blocks noxious odors. Duct tape re-enforcements keep it from exploding when under 5 liters of water are encountered. Poly construction ensures 100% waterproofness (seams excluded).

Grab loops are an additional feature envisioned for future production.


Marko Polo said...

Nice work! You've got some skills in the crunch. How was your trip?

chris goble said...

The weather was a bit rainy for everything except sat. That was a nice day. We did some easy biking up the horsethief road and then ran the really bony creek down to the campsite. That was pretty, ,but hard with a metal plate on the bottom of my boat, low water in the river and high water in my boat!

We also checked out the waterfalls over by the cross river. They were pretty impressive, and man is there a tonne of x-country ski trails back in there.

Anonymous said...

Stew and I explored such an innovative design once using an old rain poncho. To ensure it was waterproof we ducttaped it onto the boat. The plan was should the need arise, we could rip it off. Who knew duct tape stuck that good. In the end Stew simply unzipped the poncho and climbed out. Needless to say, it was never pattened.

Stew & Di said...

I remember that and it was rather funny at the time - but perhaps not the best idea since the duct-tape did stick very strongly.

Warming weather and river flows should continue to rise.