Saturday, August 25, 2007

For those still planning to go out... (Troopers)

Just thought I would place this small post for anyone that is wanting to put any information of paddle trips they are planning during this later season.

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Anonymous said...

A reporter from the Alberta Amateur Sports News would like to include an article about ORCKA in their next addition. Gerry
contacted me ( but since I have not paddled in the last year or 2 I thought the current paddlers could probably provide more current info than I could. If you want to contact him that would be great publicitiy. The deadline for the article is August 17. I sent him a reply and cc'd it to several executives. A quick recap is below.

Thanks for the phone call regarding the article about the Oldman River
Canoe and Kayak Associatoin (ORCKA) for the amateur sports news. My
wife gave me the message but I forgot about it as I was on holidays and will be away for the next week or so.
Since I have been out of ORCKA and paddling for a few years I have
opted to forward your request to have an article in the Alberta
Amateur Sport News to the ORCKA executive. Information about ORCKA can
also be acquired from the following websites.

I am sure the current executive will be able to assist you in the
article before the August 17th deadline.