Monday, August 13, 2007

My Kyaking Aventure in Vancouver

I went to Vancouver for about a week, towards the end of July, to see my favourite band Silverchair and visit my uncle. I have always wanted to Sea Kayak on the coast and since I was there I had to try it. I rented a boat from a local paddling shop and took off into the Harbour. It was very scenic. It didn't have the thrills like white water kayaking has, but for what it was it was exciting. I paddled from about 10am - 4pm MAN was I tired. I paddled along the shore line and cut across to another point of land. During my journey I was able to get about 100 feet away from the big crate ships. They are extremely massive. All in all it was quite the experience, but I really miss my WHITE WATER.


Jeff Milner said...

Looks like a lot of fun Janson.

Here's a 20 second video from my trip down the Kananaskis a couple weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

That was a pretty crazy drop Jeff... It sure made a loud THUD!!! are you okay?

Stew & Di said...

Hey Jeff - quite excellent ... maybe with the low river flows you could invent a new kayak variation of coulee kayaking.

The past couple of weekends Di, Hubert and I have been running the Elk near Fernie that's still got plenty of water. Nearby and a nice grade III run ... more challenging runs above in the upper canyon.

Anybody up for an evening paddle and picnic at Boulder Run below the Oldman Dam this week? Perhaps Wed. - flows are good and the top surf wave looks promising.

Stew & Di said...

If you haven't been there, Boulder Run is grade II.