Thursday, March 13, 2008

Home & Garden show

Come one...Come all!!! the annual Home & Garden show is on again, showing off a lot of local businesses and other business' from other parts of Alberta. It started on Wednesday the 12th at 12:00 noon and will run on a daily schedule of 12-9 everyday intil Saturday night the 15th at 5p.m. The Home & Garden show is located at the Whoop-Up Pavilion. There is booth after booth of fun and exciting items that could grab your fansy or just crinckle your eyebrows in confusion. All in all its quite interesting and a fun place to spend some time. High Level and Awesome Adventures, two of our local business that support us here at ORCKA, have put up some fun booths showing off their boats and accessories to help people have a great and comfortable time on the lake or river! So come and support your local businesses and see what new items and fun is available for you!

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Nathan said...

Wicked, awesome, cool booths. Looked like the paddling sports brought in a number of spectators form what I could see on Friday afternoon. Thanks, High Level and Awesome Adventures, for what you do for our sport in Southern Alberta.