Thursday, July 17, 2008

Paddling July 17 - 20.

So what are peoples plans for with weekend in terms of getting out and playing in the rivers?


Anonymous said...

Nathan and I are planning to go to Elbow River Friday evening and then hit the Sheep River on Saturday (both rivers are near Calgary)!!! We hope to possibly take off Friday, hit the Elbow, camp over and have ALL saturday to paddle to our hearts content on the Sheep! If you want in leave your number so we can call you with the final information of our trip plans.

chris g said...

Sheep is getting really low (6.5 cms). I am not sure how low you can paddle it.

I did the elbow at 5 cms and it was bonier than the two medicine Nathan and I did. You could still slide down the drops though.

Anonymous said...

the reports said that the sheep is runnable from 6 to 60, so I think we are banking on that info and hopefully hit it next year at higher flows, but start low and get a feel for the river!!! Nathan and I just really want to see new rivers so this is a good chance for us! Come if you can, but your better off calling cause I think we are leaving to Calgary area around 10 from Cardston and will be hitting the Elbow. Then Saturday we will be hitting the Sheep!!! 403-894-7773

Anonymous said...

Here are some basic flow rates and what people have said.

In reference to the section - Blue Rock Run

10 to 15 runnable
15 to 20 Good low level
20 to 35 Medium level Water between rapids starts to move at a good pace. Still plenty of eddies and scouting opportunities.
35 to 50 High to flood level. Fewer eddies and harder to hit. Boat scouting starts to be difficult. Holes start to have significant punch and major rapids start to get difficult.
50 to 75 Oh Boy! Rapids start to become continuous. More commitment, because less opportunity for stopping and scouting. Some drops, like avalanche, may require running blind.

Nathan said...

It was pretty much AWESOME!