Sunday, April 11, 2010

Early Season Road Trips

If you are wanting to get in shape for the short season that is likely to happen, consider taking a 4 day weekend to one of these areas

- Missoula. The lochsa river is truly amazing, and there are lots of natural hotsprings. Expect about 9h one way. Solid class III to IV.

-Silverton - The St. Joes river is pretty nice, and the towns around the area are super cool. See american whitewater for details. Expect about 3-4h past Koocanusa (9h). Easy creek style class III to IV. Much less intimidating than the power of the lochsa.


Anonymous said...

hez paddlerzzz,

we're still in the skiing mode and, well, April's been better than Feb. or March - hmmmmmm

glad folks are thinking about boating and I thus assume that the ORCKA blog is 'alive and well' - I'd heard that ORCKA was 'closing' - we hope not

looking forward to paddling when it's warmer

Stew & Di

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

I just toggled through the mofo thread and there was something about a new bambino - what's the scoop? Congratulations?!!


sigob said...

A stork dropped off a little girl on Jan. 29 after 9 months of morning sickness.

It has me thinking about rafting in years to come....

I have told Anne I need at least one day of play a month. The mofo trip was my April get away.

Iwaasa bought some land down by East Glacier, so the south fork of the Two Medicine may get added to "local run" status.

Anonymous said...

I am looking to go paddling this saturday. I am ready to travel, so who would be in? I was thinking either Montana near West Glacier, or the Elk River past Fernie.
There are a few people paddling the Kan on sunday, but mainly planning to do the canoe meadows down. Jiri has his young son he is taking on the river, but its all in the same area so if there is enough people you can choose either the playboat run or the nice beginners paddle!

Anonymous said...

Paddling the Flathead River in Montana again this Saturday. call me if your interested! 403-894-7773

sigob said...

Thinking about going down to the Yaak on Sat May 7/8. The water should still be low. Lots of driving.

Anonymous said...

OH WOW I am so in Chris!!! it looks great!