Tuesday, September 06, 2005

New Kayak & Canoe Store

I just got some information back about the paddling store that was rumored to be opening in Lethbridge this fall. It is coming to town, and it is a specialty boating store. The information I got is from Melanie Isaac. High Level Canoes and Kayaks will be at
1805 - 2 ave South
Lethbridge Alberta
Phone 403 327 4506
They will be carrying Necky, Oldtown, Madriver, Wilderness, Perception Dagger,and Wave Sport. There should be discounts for club members, so if you like the possibility of having gear available without a 3 hour drive to Calgary, it might not be a bad idea to swing some business their way. It sounds like they are keen on finding ways to integrate the club into their activities / promotion. Sounds great!

They are aiming to be open by mid to late September.

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