Friday, September 16, 2005

Sept 16th

It looks like the rivers around Calgary are up. The sheep is at 21cms - a good medium, and the Cataract is at 6, a decent low-medium flow. The elbow is also at around 20cms.

This means good kayaking this weekend. I will be on the Kan this Sat at 12 for the course. Anyone else should consider hitting things before they freeze up for the year.


Anonymous said...

thanks Chris for the trip! I enjoyed the beautiful weather, the beautiful stretch of river, the challenges and the first 2 of 3 swims LOL.

I appreciate your investment of your time & energy into my skill development


Nathan said...

Chris, it sounds like the weekend was great. I wish I could have been there, but in a miraculous way, I was able to get in for knee surgery on Friday. My knee bends again, so I hope it will heal enough before the freeze to get a good paddle or three in.

Happy paddling (and I hope your house is still coming along well)

chris g said...

Thanks, it was a great day out. You can't beat the sun like that.

Nathan, I am sure by spring we should be able to start throwing you over some waterfalls again.

Nathan said...

Upper St. Marys is flowing (ice cold water, mind you). My knee is feeling better, and I want to get out and see if it can hack the ole boat. If there is anyone still out there checking this page and wants to go, let me know. I might try for tomorrow afternoon.

Nathan said...

Oh yeah, my number is 634-6123. If you want to go, call me.