Thursday, September 08, 2005

River Course

I will be leading an intermediate kayak course on Sat. Sept 17th. This is open to everyone, but there is a 4 person cap. Paddlers must have been on the Upper St. Mary's or an equivalent river. This course is free to people who have been members for at least 2 months. For other people the cost will be $20. The course will be held at the Kananaskis River. We will be meeting at the Canoe Meadows campground at 12:00. This is located on Highway 40, just north of the Barrier Dam.

We will be working on basic navigation, eddy turns, ferries, basic surf techniques, how to side surf a hole. The water is chilly, so come prepared with good clothes. I expect we will be on the river for approximately 3 hours. If water levels change, we may run the Swiftcurrent river in Many Glacier instead. Please sign up here if you would like to go. Nathan Smith has already talked to me about a few people.


Anonymous said...

Chris, we have 2 for sure intersted - in inflatable kayaks if you'd allow us to take part. Please call us @ 3813644

Con & Maria

Linda said...

That sounds great. But I've been on the upper kan many times. Just wondering if you are planning to offer a course at the Upper St Mary? That would be great.
--Linda Englehart
Calgary AB

Anonymous said...

we too prefer the upper Saint, but doubt there'd be enough water in for next saturday...

Con & Maria

chris g said...

There definitely wouldn't be enough water for the Upper Saint Mary's. It is flowing at 12cms after the rain. That would put it at about 8cms by Sat. There would be few places where you would actually be able to paddle. Things get quite shallow at 17cms.

Con, Maria, I think the inflatable kayaks would be fine. You may not be able to do the rolls, squirts, surfs that others will be doing, but you should be able to get practice on the eddy turns. I will try to call you later in the day to confirm things.

Nathan said...


It sounds like my brothers are out. They were using lame excuses like money and girls.

I want to participate badly. Actually, I would like to participate well (that grammar stuff can get a little tripped up). I paddled the Upper St today, and the paddling part felt pretty good. Being in a plaining hull boat for the first time was like learning to paddle all over again, but I have a feeling it's going to be a riot when I catch on more. The part that I had a problem with was getting in and out of my boat. My leg is giving me incresingly more pain, and I am losing some ability to extend it. If I would have overturned my boat, I may have gotten into some serious problems without being abe to straighten my leg (especially with no one else around). I am sure if I had to choose between leg pain and life, I would choose the latter; however, I don't want to reinjure my MCL or make anyting worse.

I could use the girl and money excuse like my lame ole bros, but my wife gave me the okay and I already made plans to cover the weekend. The leg excuse will have to do.

Sorry Chris, I ache to go, but I will probably ache even more for going. Hope all works out well. It sounds like a lot of others want to participate. I will have to use and abuse you another time.


chris g said...

Okay, for the course is sounds like Con and Maria are confirmed. There may be one more tag along from Calgary. We will be meeting at canoe meadows (the take out) at 12:00. Bring warm clothes, snacks, throw bags, etc. I will be in a green subaru with a red dagger outlaw.

chris g said...

Bummer Nathan. I think you would have enjoyed that river. Good call though. You certainly would be flipping throughout the day.