Thursday, June 01, 2006

Awesome Kayaking Courses!!!

This was one of the great and exciting adventures that Nathan and I were able to take part in with Chris Goble in his intermediate course that he is providing. The main part of this last session was at Blackiston creek, but thankfully Chris gave us the opportunity to push ourselves to new heights. These courses are great learning experiences. If you are ever given the opportunity to take any course with Chris, or any other instructor, DO IT. You'll learn alot really quickly and your confidence level will sky rocket. So Learn all you can because I never thought learning could be so fun....SBWW

More pictures

Janson on Deja Vu

Nathan on Deja Vu

Nathan on the flat rapid in the argillite of Blackiston creek - class III-

Ethan practicing surfing on the Blender at St. Mary's

more pictures will come this afternoon


Nathan said...

Wicked picture! Check out that guys form :-) It's a good thing that all the rest of the pictures were blury and unusable, or people would see what really happened... SBWW

Linda said...

That looks great.
Any chance of going paddling on the Cameron on July 1st? Or anything near Wateron?
Best wishes,