Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just Off of Whoop-Up Bridge

The flows were sitting pretty high on wednesday night when Mark, Clay and I went out to the weir on the old man river just south of the whoop-up bridge. with these high flows the weir changed into a more pleasant surf wave. We had a blast and we only had to travel about ten minutes from our homes to play around in our boats. Mark was showing us his tricks and having a great time doing it.
The flows were still just not high enough to really keep you in the wave. As you can see in the above picture the water would build up then crash over the top over and over again, but could not maintain a constant curling to help keep you in. So it was a little difficult to try any tricks and stay in the wave. You would get flushed out pretty quick. BUT with a little more rain it would be awesome. More towards the middle of the weir was a spot to side surf. There is alot of moving water in this area to kick and bounce you around as you side surf. Clay showed us how to do it and made it look fun. Ethan was our great photographer who was there to support and keep us safe if we needed it, But all these photos were made possible from Ethan. Who would of Kayaked with us but didn't have his boat in Lethbridge. But we appreciate his efforts to watch and take these shots.


Nathan said...

Cool pics (and thanks for emailing the videos). how would it be to have a wave like that 10 mins from the front door? Looks like a good time.

Jeff Milner said...

Hey I've got a couple of boats in my garage here on the South Side of Lethbridge. I'd love to go kayaking with you guys sometime. My email is jeffmilner(at)gmail dot com, please give me a shout. I'm ready to go anytime.