Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Trip Reports

Well hope everyone got out that wanted to last weekend. Jeff and Scott, didn't hear from you so hope you didn't get shafted by us. Nathan, Janson, Dave and Myself hooked up with my friend Mike from Calgary.
We ran the Castle from the bridge down to the campground and then we ran the Castle falls section as well. The section from the bridge to the campground was a nice section as long as you take out before the last rapid before the falls. It's an easy one to spot as it's the only spot on the river where you notice the "waterline" and an obvious drop. Probably good for a beginner (with paddling experience on moving water), who is looking for something that is flowing.
The falls were great as always, actually saw someone bottom out on the falls for the first time. Pretty amazing actually...

Anyone else have a trip to report?


Nathan said...

I am trying to upload a video of our Castle trip to google video. As soo as that happens, I will add it to your post, Mark.

Dave R said...

went to the belly river wave this afternoon. flows were pretty high, I think around 22cms, and the waves were pretty washed out and hard to stay on. the top one was steep and green but angles to the left and flushes real easy.