Friday, May 23, 2008

In Development...

Over the years, Wilco has been maintaining the ORCKA homepage. In order to take some of the pressure off, we are moving to a "wiki" style site that can be maintained by several ORCKA members.

The new site will be and it is new as of today so don't expect much. The plan is for several users to build this site up with river descriptions, paddling tips, member contact info, etc.

Expect to get emails in the near future, inviting you to join the site. With any luck this will make things easier rather than harder :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,

Congrat's on the new initiative. Would reach descriptions with access maps and pic's fit with this new project?


Marko Polo said...

you bet. There are tons of options with the setup.

Anonymous said...

The timing could not be better . Our website (both Stream Team and Orcka) was hit by hackers and totally wiped out.

Anonymous said...


Bummer! I love the website. Perhaps some modules or info. could be exported to the wiki, if there's any versions left.

Stew said...

When I tried to use the web-link, it sent me to a blog page rather than the wiki.

Try pasting this URL in: