Friday, May 02, 2008

Trips May 2 - May 8

WHile most rivers are very low, it looks like the Two Medicine is releasing at Medium flows. This will still make things a bit rocky, but it is paddleable. The falls should be good at these flows (963cfs, and maybe set for one more ramp up in release).

The Bull is in the low 20's which is doable.

The Kootenai should be at extremely low flows.

I believe the Kan is still shut down


Nathan said...

I've been hoping for a Two Medicine run soon... a couple of days ago it reached 1000 cfs. The trick is finding an evening that's free. Janson has Monday off, but I will be in Calgary at a workshop M-T. How does a 1:30 departure from Cardston sound on Friday?

Anonymous said...

The St. Mary Diversion is now running and this takes water from the St. Mary and passes it to the Milk River. Consequently, the Milk River is at a normal summer & paddlable flow. Grade I+ with a grade II in the standard reach between Coffin and Weir bridges. A splendid float for kayaks, canoes and rafts and weather in the area is warmer than in the foothills.

Something to consider for those wishing an easy float to start the season.

Stew & Di

Anonymous said...

I'm up for some paddling where ever it is! Done class by around 4-5 so lets have some fun. Troy

clayton said...

Chris give me a call 795-5995