Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Trips May 19 - 25

I hope that everyone had a great May Long Weekend! The flows are still coming up so it is the time to go, so comment about your plans or any ideas that you want to work with. Remember to be careful with all the high flows and have fun.


chris g said...

New run on south fork of two medicine on Sat. The hike in is about 2km on a dirt road. Last year the river looked plenty deep enough at high flows. Take out will be the bridge on the dirt road south of East Glacier.

There is one good looking section on the topo map where the river flows underneath a large (1000 ft cliff). I imagine there should be lots of boulders and ledges there.

The scenery is pretty and no one has done this stretch (that I know of). There should be a 1 week or so window to get on this before the flows are too low.

Sat departure. Call me on my cell at 892-8348 if interested (Stew - you may find it interesting scenery and features) or email me cgoble72 gmail

I am in Edmonton until 4pm Friday, but will be coming back to Leth that night. BBQ at Waterton and a screening of the source in my house. RSVP here so I can get the correct number of burgers.

Could also try Blackiston or Cameron on Sunday.

chris g said...

Here is the link to the headwater start,-94.276128&sspn=0.008636,0.013003&ie=UTF8&ll=48.367227,-113.225484&spn=0.007199,0.020084&t=h&z=16

and here is the take out at heart creek bridge.,-94.276128&sspn=0.008636,0.013003&ie=UTF8&t=h&ll=48.402255,-113.169093&spn=0.014388,0.040169&z=15&iwloc=addr

I counted at least one substantial ledge. There also appears to be about a half dozen boulder garden sections. I am guessing class 3 except for the ledge and the turn around the big cliff face. Who knows what those would be? Most of the water will be swift but not whitewater.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris I am off Saturday!!! so I would be down with going with you! let me know when you are planning to leave and from where!

Anonymous said...

For anyone interested in an intermediate run, I want to hit up castle River below the falls and maybe even the canyon section too while the flows are really high, so I am getting work off for Thursday (tomorrow)so I can go. call me and let me know what you think! 894-7773.

chris g said...

For Two Medicine, lets say meet in front of Dairy Queen at 8:30 am.

That will put us at the put in at about 9:45am and on the river at about 11-11:30.

Janson, I will be leaving Lethbridge at 7:30, so if you want to carpool from there, lets do that. We may need a bike for the shuttle unless any one else is going - Stew, Mark I, Clay, Willis?

Nathan said...

If I am not stacking block on Saturday, I may be in for the paddle on Two Medicine with you, Chris and Janson. I can provide the bike if needed.

Janson, you have me considering tomorrow's Castle paddle. If you were planning on leaving Lethbridge at 1 pm, I could leave Hillspring at 1:30 and meet in Pincher. This would mean that I would only be taking an hour off work.

matt said...

Hello fellow paddlers. A couple of us canoe heads are thinking of doing a run down either the Upper St. Mary or a section of the Crowsnest tomorrow (Sun May 25). If anyone is interested in joining us, that'd be great. Give me a call at 382-7485. Cheers, Matt

Anonymous said...


Everything looks pretty big. Rivers seem to have crested so there won't be too much wood floating down but flows arelikely to be up in the trees along the banks.

We've got family stuff today - enjoy the float (or flush).