Saturday, June 07, 2008

Kayaks for Sale

from Irene & Hubert

Kayak garage sale June 7+8
Or call whenever.....
Hubert has these boats for sale
Dagger GT XL $650 (this boat is like new)
Perception Pirouette $200
Prijon Fly $200

(Great prices for new paddlers looking to get into the sport - Stew)


Stew said...


I also placed with item in the wiki under 'Paddle News'. Maybe add a gear for sale page?


Jeff Milner said...

Stew, do you (or anyone else for that matter), happen to have a paddle for sale?

Anonymous said...


We always have a couple of paddles available if you need one for a while but none for sale.

I am currently using this crapppyy Werner 'Player' with this weird catch. A couple of weeks ago I paddled Chris Andrews' paddle and it was spectacular - a Werner carbon/graphite paddle with a slalom blade ... I guess I've been good cause Di says I can buy one (quite pricey).


Anonymous said...

I have two and one could be for sale, a "Big Spoon" graphite handle and blade. Give me a call if you want to swing by and take a look at it. I think it was around $275 new.
Wilco (381 2463)