Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lower St Mary 220

(Chris C. & Di in R-n-R)
With great weather, another excellent run on the Lower. Flows are dropping quite gradually and wave trains are forming but the waves are still moving, they're not standing waves yet.
Dump and R-n-R were pretty big (for us elders), and the Hairpin Haystack was very big.
(Gary B. doin' the Mamba launch in Hairpin)

(Chris in the Hairpin haystack)

(photos by Irene & Di)


Marko Polo said...

Nice shots... Hairpin still looks big. I was looking at some old footage when it was running at 100cms. Quite a difference.

sigob said...

Way to rock it stew. I was out hurting my ankles on 1.5cms :(

Stew said...

For a change we took the kids for a raft float along the final reach of the St. Mary yesterday (airport bridge to Lethbridge-Popson - a work float). The erosion and debris through that zone is pretty impressive.

Today we kayaked the Upper St. Mary but found it a bit flushed. We didn't catch many waves but Blender was pretty big.

Flows along the Lower are still high and it seems that we'll have lots more opportunity to run Box Canyon. Maybe even a run through Surprise - has anyone ever seen it at higher flows?