Monday, June 14, 2010

Trips June 14 - June 20

Lower St. Mary's is still flowing and is a great after work run! it will probably be flowing for a couple more weeks, so lets be hitting it up! BUT if you are planning any other trips let us hear about it, so we all can get out and paddle.
See ya on the river

Cameron Creek's "20 footer" from a number of years ago at med flows.

Same location. The trees disappeared a number of years ago.


Janson said...

Mikkel made a great video of cameron Creek. It has some awesome angles.
check it out

Lianne said...

I'm up for a paddle Wednesday evening. Anyone else? I should be good to meet anytime after 5. I'm coming down from Calgary and have never done the run but I swear I don't need any babysitting, just some help with a shuttle and maybe some company :)
liannimal (at)

Lianne said...


Janson said...

3 ideas for the weekend
*blackiston (saturday morning)
*Cameron (saturday afternoon/evening)
interested 403-894-7773

sigob said...

Janson, Glenn and I talked about running the full Cameron on Sat. I proposed 7 or 7:30 for a start meeting at my house. That should get us finished up by noon at least. Depending on the flows we may need to port the 20 footer in the lower canyon. I'll see if I can remember how. Bring a belay device incase.

Except for the 20 footer, the higher the flow the better. I will walk the boulder sieve rapid at the start.

The plan is to do Blakiston after if anyone is interested. - I won't be doing that, but will either hike or climb (see below).

If other people are interested and the weather is nice, Anne and the Baby and I will go climbing at the info bureau. We just need at least one more person for belaying. If not, I will go hiking with the family.

I'm also good doing a BBQ for anyone interested. Free camping in my backyard.

Meet at my house, next to Outdoor Outfitters in Waterton.

Janson said...

too many options. need people to help decide.
*Lower St. will be around 200cms or higher very soon. BIG WAVES
*Upper St. was at 150cms at 9am and will be pushing 200cms soon. BIG WAVES
*Lethbridge Weir is a great surf around 500-700cms. it read 411cms at 9:30am

sigob said...

Don't forget about the Class 2 Willow creek. It rarely runs and is pretty local.


sigob said...

The south drywood road is now open. High Flows are great for those creeks as well.

Janson said...

where is willow creek?

Janson said...

trip plans:
*lower st today early afternoon (760cms) with Anthony he needs people to paddle so call him if your interested to see what the river looks like at that flow. 403-360-9238
*Upper St. leaving Lethbridge around 4-ish (150cms) has good surf waves a lot of other features flushed out. call if interested 403-894-7773
*Upper Oldman (100 cms) for Saturday morning. people carpooling from Lethbridge cal me 403-894-7773

Anonymous said...

... more wild weather

I'd been down working on the Kootenai and came back with the weather warning. If St. Mary stays up today, it could provide the highest flow of record.

I had run it at 550 cms and everything was flushed except for Run-no-Run and Hairpin that were huge. It was really wide so it was easy to avoid the big, exploding waves.

We'll wait for it to drop before heading out.

Stew & Di

sigob said...

Too bad I've been out of paddling this season. 760 could have been lots of fun.

It looks like a no-go on Cameron as Glen has a course. If it is in flood the small ledges actually become quite sticky.

Anonymous said...

Anthony or ??

Did anybody get out to experience the highest flow of record for the Lower St. Mary? ... and how was it

(the Lethbridge streamflow gauge commenced in 1912 but the border gauge commenced a few years earlier and 1908 flows were higher than this year)

Anonymous said...

p.s. the above post was from me


(I suppose I should post by name ...)

Marko Polo said...

Clay and I got out on the Lower Saint at 450cms. Everything was washed out, but big, big waves. Still a lot of fun. Will post some pictures on the blog later.