Sunday, June 06, 2010


Lower St. is still pushing and its still a great level right now!!! Lets get our groove on and head out after work and have a ball!!! also let us know of any other trips being planned.


Anonymous said...

Well Troy Kline and myself are planning to go on lower st. Mary's after work tomorrow (monday) we will be leaving around 4. But if you want in and can't get off until later let me know cause our schedule is flexible to accomidate others to join. 403-894-7773.
Stew your picninc and paddle trip sounds like it would have been great in this weather! hope you guys had a great time.

Anonymous said...

We had a rather excellent afternoon with especially good weather - the kids enjoyed mud, swims, and floats down through the 'bunny waves' in an inflatable kayak. Also, 12 kayakers from Calgary passed by and we chatted briefly (a CalPaddle group).

We're going to run the canyon tomorrow (Monday)while the kids are at school. Anyone off is most welcome to join us. (403) 320-9601

Nathan said...

I got word from the guy that controls the water at the reservoir that the flows will likely stay up until the beginning of July. Happy paddling.

Anonymous said...

I'll be down in Cardston on the 16th and am hoping to do an evening. I've never been. Anyone else able to paddle that night?
Lianne (Calgary)
403 850-2212

sigob said...

Talking to John Lowe, we may head out for a quick spin on the upper cameron tomorrow morning. I was thinking 7:30am so I can get back for family stuff.

My wish of getting on spionkop was not to be today. Did Blakiston instead. You can use the free shuttle now leaving the campground to getback up to the parking lot or try to get by with one car.