Friday, April 08, 2005

The new & improved Google Maps

Goolge Maps has outdone itself this time. It now has reasonably good sattelite maps up for north america. This is great if you are looking to check out rapids on a river, or see your house from space. Not all areas have equally high resolution. To use this, just look to the right where it says satellite maps. Lethbridge is pretty detailed. Other areas less so. To quickly find a location, just type in the name of a nearby city.

Here are some picts from the middle fork of the flathead. See if you can guess the rapid, or location. I will post the answers next week.

hint - this minor rapid is very close to the next image.


stew said...

I think it's about 2/3 of the way down the standard Stevens Canyon run. I've forgotten the name but it might be 'Jaws' or something. Not too serious with a bony top and the the flow is redirected to the right by a rock wall off the left.

chris g said...

You got the top one right Stew. How many degrees does it take to get that smart?

chris g said...

It can get a bit tight at high flows. This was where Mark Qualizza got his high top booties sucked off his feet in the whirl pool before the drop. Needless to say, as he was swimming, he was rather anxious not to see how tight the hole on river left was.