Sunday, April 24, 2005

Spring AGM

The annual General Meeting is coming up in April. Dates and locations haven't been picked yet. Usually it is at the university during the 2nd week in April. There will be some major resolutions being presented. One includes giving up the boat house in the river bottom. Storage would occur at the rental exec's garage. A similar fee to the boat house would be then be given in exchange for a several year lease. It is beleived that this will offset some of the continuing problems that occur running rentals. It is also needed to make the club sustainable.

UPDATE - April 7th

Looking at the Calender, it looks like the last day of pool sessions may be a better choice. That would put it on April 28th at 6:00pm. This would make it easier to transfer boats down to the boat house. Also it would give us a bit more time to recruit new paddlers to come out. Let me know if there are any problems with this date.

UPDATE - April 25th
The agenda minutes are available as a PDF here FIXED LINK. The time is at 6:00pm. Room location will be posted on the back gym doors that face the parking lot. We will not need to move boats as Clay's garage is not yet finished.


MarkK said...

Chris, the link to the Agenda doesn't work. Anyway, led me to Cardston High School web site where I saw a very chic picture of you..... Get a haircut man!!

MarkK said...

Do we have a 'time' for the AGM? Is it still happening April 28?


chris g said...

I fixed the link. The meeting is still tonight at 6:00p at the university. We will probably be in the same room as last year. I will be there at about 5:30 and post the room number on the back doors of the gym.