Monday, April 25, 2005


It looks like the Bull river really picked up the last couple of days. It went from 20cms or so on Friday to over 60cms today. I guess that means this weekend everyone should head over to the Kootenays. Anyone up for the Bull or Dutch creek, the upper White or even the Skook on Sunday the 1st of May?


stew said...

We're ready for paddling but us old boaterz are into 15+C - current forecast looks pretty poor. Castle came up to a paddleable level but my guess is with cool weather this week everything will drop back down on both sides of the Divide - we'll watch the weather.

chris g said...

Yeah, it looks like it may be a dreary weekend. I thought those were only supposed to occur during Chucks River Rendezvous.

wilco said...

One never seems to know about the weather. Wimped out last weekend and it turned into the best weekend of the year. I'd be game no matter how cold. OK maybe not. Actually I'm unavailable for the next 2 weekends. Here is hoping it snows and is cold. Cant afford to waste any of that precious run off.