Monday, April 10, 2006

Early Paddler gets the Wave?

The Lower Saint Mary's is currently flowing around 20cms. Any takers? Clay and myself are thinking of hitting it tomorrow around 5pm for a short surf paddle. Post if your interested and Check tomorrow for an update. If the flows stay up, consider the paddling season started!


Well, Clay and I hit the river around 6:20 and had an awesome paddle. It was a perfect early evening paddle with NO WIND! The first surf wave around the bend was small but grabby enough that both Clay and I got our first back surf of the season on it.

Rain Wave had an easy eddy on river right so you could get on it again and again. Nice flows at 19 cms. Enough to paddle and surf! If the heat goes up it would be great to see the flows get around that 30 cms mark.

Anyways... see you on the river!



Linda said...

Do you know if the flow will be in effect until the end of May?
We're paddling the Kan, North Sask and Red Deer now. But we'd love to paddle the lower St Mary's the last weekend in May (weeks away.) :)
Best wishes,
Linda Englehart

chris g said...

The flathead is going too.

wilco said...

When are you going? Friday the 14th? What time? Meeting spot (costco)? I may be interested although I am still trying to work off my turkey dinner from Christmas.

Anonymous said...

have you tried your spray skirt on lately? I remember last years inaugural paddle for you.

Linda said...

Yes I have a new sprayskirt now. :)

Linda, Calgary said...

Is anyone free to paddle the St Mary's (preferably lower) with me first thing on Sunday?
We're paddling the elk or bull on Saturday the 29th.
If you're free the morning of the 30th please let me know. I'd like to paddle the St Mary's before heading back to Calgary. Sorry I posted the same comment under the wrong heading.