Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Easter Break In BC!

Well what can I say! Nothing like a good surf! This is a great little spot . Anyone guess where? I'll update when I get some guesses!

Hint 1: East of Penticton, West of Fernie.
Hint 2: South of Mark K's Suggestion.

And Stew is the winner! For those wanting to learn to surf bigger waves, the Rock Island Play spot is a great choice. It's easy access (drive right down to the river) with a great eddy to get in and out. I think a trip our that way would be great.

As well, the Slocan river and Salmo river have some great runs on them as well. I'll post some stuff about all these spots later this week.

Here is a PDF file that has the description about the wave shown above and how to get there.

Click the download button!

See you on the river!


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Stew said...

It looks like the 'Trail wave' on the Columbia - along Highway 3 just downstream from to town of Trail ??