Sunday, April 30, 2006


On April 27 we were Mountain Biking in Blairmore (deadman pass) and the snow melt has not really even started yet. One could almost still ski Allison Creek as most if not all of the lower trails still had atleast a foot of snow. It meant that we biked on the trails closer to town (backside of turtle mountain). Great rides on friday pm and saturday but it is absolutely dumping (big monster, wet snow) today (sunday) and more rain is in the forcast. That means there should be lots of water for boating for some time to come. On a side note; my Moab holiday (mountain biking over easterwas) was great, slickrock was a morning ritual as was the cup of java at wicked brew that followed. Ran into Isabelle and Lannie who were also down to do some bipedal movement. Any word yet on Chuck's (pincher crow creekers) may long weekend rendezvous. I have been seeing people advertise it on their websites but nothing from the big guy himself as of yet.

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