Wednesday, April 26, 2006

For Sale

king pin icon
Originally uploaded by cgoble72.
I have a couple of boats for sale for anyone interested. The first is a king pin icon 6.2. It is for medium sized paddlers. I am askiing 700 for it. I just got it for 750, but find it is a bit small for me.

I may also still have a dagger outlaw. The backband is in rough shape, but those are pretty cheap. It is a good boat for a beginner. I am asking $450 for it, but may be talked into a deal.


If anyone is also interested in a big boat, I have a Dagger Vortex. It is the big monster style boat. $100 would be good.

If you are interested, email me at or call me at home at 859-2452


MarkK said...

I also have a boat for sale. Riot Booster 60. I would like to sell it with the skirt (Snapdragon), float bags, and paddle for $850. Contact at 332-3841. Mark.

chris g said...

I believe all club boats are on a continual sale. I don't have the numbers or models available, but if you want to pick one up, I beleive the AGM would be a good time to do so. Older stocked is priced better than newer.