Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Trips June 11-17 (Advanced)

Leave a comment for all the fun kayaking trips you are planning this week. Remember if you are an anonymous person to leave your name within your comment.... thanks.


Anonymous said...

I would like to paddle the Lower St Mary this weekend, as I still have never paddled it. If anyone else would like to go, please let me know. Thanks, Matthew Coombs Ph: 382-7485

Linda said...

Hi Matt,
I'm interested in going on Sunday the 24th (first thing in the AM). I haven't been on it yet but it looks ok.

Jeff Milner said...

I'd also be interested this weekend. Give me a call, 327-3033.

Stew & Di said...

Lower St. Mary flows have been cut back below the paddleable level.

All of the rivers are dropping and most are low for this time of the year - we paddled the upper St. Mary on Saturday (brrrrr) and it was very low for June.

Castle looks OK - Castle Canyon should be quite good.

Di and/or I could be in for a float.

Linda said...

I'd be interested in the Castle on Sat AM too. We're camping one night (near Syncline - we leave our trailer here all summer) which is just a short drive to the falls (although the river is continuing to recede). Sigh.

Stew said...

Castle Canyon today (Sat.) ? or ?

Jeff - you in?