Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Yeah... it never floods anymore!

Here's an interesting story for those that are interested. Seems like flows are up everywhere. (see below)

Oldman Spillway II-
204.97(m3/s)552007-06-05 20:30:00History
Old Man II+ to IV60.62(m3/s)25.52007-06-05 20:15:00History
Upper St. Mary's II+49.67(m3/s)312007-06-05 20:15:00History
Lower St.Mary III to IV-40.87(m3/s)342007-06-05 21:00:00History
Waterton II+87.95(m3/s)33.52007-06-05 20:15:00History
Castle II to III+71.70(m3/s)26.52007-06-05 20:15:00History

I'm curious as to what people are thinking for the days ahead. You might find me down on the Oldman after work if it gets up around 300. Currently it's around 245.


Anonymous said...

(this is the same post as the one in advanced trips for june 4-10)
David Stephan and I are planning to paddle the "LOWER ST. MARY'S" in the late afternoon/evening on THURSDAY!!! If you are interested let me know. My cell is 894-7773.

Linda said...

I'm paddling the Bull on Sat and would really like to paddle the Castle on Sun if I can find a partner. We're camping near Syncline off of hwy 507 this weekend.

chris g said...

Bull is looking pretty big at 170cms. Good luck.

Linda said...

If the Bull doesn't come down then we'll just be on the upper.
Still really wanting to paddle the Castle on Sunday.

Stew & Di said...

With 60 cms, surf should be excellent on the lower St. Mary. We'll probably do a river run on Sat. - weather forecast looks great.

Might also be able to get in a short late afternoon surf run on Fri. - ??

Stew & Di

Stew & Di said...

I just checked Mackenzie's list of flows and I think it'd be quite something to see the Swan approaching a 100 cms (the 'mad mile').

Not on our agenda but if anyone's out that way, check it out (Bigfork, MT).


Anonymous said...

Stew what time are you leaving... Nathan and I where debating some different rivers and I think we are settling with Lower St. Mary's. please call me if you can @ 894-7773.