Sunday, June 03, 2007

Trips June 4th - 10th (advanced)

With all this warm weather and flowing water, how can you resist. Plan class III-IV trips here.


Stew & Di said...

Hey boaterz,

Excellent trip yesterday - 18 ORCKAns on the lower St. Mary.

We posted a few pic's and will post more later in the week.


Stew & Di

chris g said...

I should be working on an essay, but if anyone want to head out on Cameron / Blackiston on Friday afternoon, let me know. I can't go for too long though.

Anonymous said...

David Stephan and I are planning to paddle the "LOWER ST. MARY'S" at about 6:30-7:00 at the end of the township road 52 put-in THURSDAY (today)!!! If you are interested let me know. My cell is 894-7773.

Nathan said...

Chris and I are planning to meet in Waterton at his place around 4:00 pm. We are doing either Blackiston or the upper section of Cameron depending on flows. If anyone is interested in class III to IV (some V features that can be easily portaged), give me a shout at 330-9895, and I can guide you in to the meeting place.

Nathan said...

Oh yeah, Janson and I are planning a trip to Two Medicine for Saturday. Anyone interested?

Jeff Milner said...

I'd be interested in a trip on Saturday. I've never been to Two Medicine, where is it and what is it like?

My home number is 327-3033.